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Chandler Window Tinting Company

If you live in Chandler, and you’re thinking about getting sunscreens, otherwise known as solar screens, you’re not alone.

You should, however, consider window tint. Obviously you probably notice that your neighbors have all used solar screens for blocking out the sun — because it’s obvious, you can see it from outside. What you don’t realize, is that your neighbors with window tinting are not making it easy for you to notice them. Oftentimes people go with ¬†window tinting because it’s more efficient or because it has a lifetime warranty. The only people who will know about it though, or people who have become educated on it. Check out this great study done by APS that illustrates the effectiveness of window tinting over solar screens.

The thing about Chandler, Arizona is that the weather is so hot and the sun’s rays are so intense that merely putting an opaque shield a fabric will only do about half the job because it’s subject to rot and weather. Because when a film is metallized, and does a great job of resisting the elements while selecting which spectrums of light to allow into your home and sending the rest back outside.

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