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Are you looking for an affordable solution for having your windows tinted with a high quality window film?  You’ve come to the right place!

The thing about Chandler, Arizona, is that it’s well… hot! This heat has caused countless homeowners millions if not billions of dollars in air conditioning bills. Have you ever been surprised by the amount of one of your summer electric bills? Sure. We all have. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Window tinting has been a popular solution for years out here in the desert. Obviously your experience with window tint is most likely with your car. It’s interesting to note that the window tensing on your car works quite differently than when attempting on your home or office. When it’s inching in the car has a tendency to absorb much of the light. This is done by making the window tent very dark, even black, to keep the light from reflecting back outward which would distract other drivers yet not allowed to enter into your cabin space. In a vehicle, having your windows absorb a ton of heat is not a big deal. For one, it’s single pane glass which can handle the stress of all  that energy. Secondly, your air conditioner in your vehicle is designed to continually pull heat off of the windows as the air rushes by.

Your  architectural structure is not exactly the same. In fact it’s quite different. In your home we have to get a little higher tech because you probably have dual pane windows. In the case of dual pane windows, absorbance tent would be a danger because one pain would gain much more heat than  the other. This would create stress on your overall window, and ultimately cause your window to break. Also, if your window did absorb a lot of light energy they would radiate the heat into the room because you don’t have cool air from your air conditioner constantly leaching the heat away. Your home’s air conditioning unit is not designed to be that, besides, the whole goal is to get your air conditioner to stop running.

The solution is to use a film design for our desert climate here in Chandler, Arizona. By reflecting light away, we can achieve much less absorption and allow your home or office to reject the heat but welcome the light. The solar energy rejection is actually quite amazing. We can actually allow a large portion of the light to come in without increasing the heat in your home by simply reflecting out the heat rays  that the sun creates but that your eyes cannot see. You are familiar with these rays, infrared and UV rays. Even though your eyes cannot see them they make up about half of the light of the sun puts out and yet they are responsible for so much heat. Window film is designed to reject these sunrays (at least a large portion of them).

Window film or window tinting works a lot like sunglasses. Optically it very clear, and sometimes quite undetectable while cutting the glare in improving the environment of your building.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call…  give us a call at 480-246-2920!

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